Test Process Management

Test Process Creation:

CriterionQM have accrued extensive knowledge in the creation of testing processes and procedures. Whether your company is at Start-up stage looking to implement the first instances on quality procedures or an existing business that requires an external viewpoint on enhancing existing quality environments, CriterionQM can assist from making suggestions in a half day workshop environment, to coming on site for an extended period to implement and manage procedures from the ground up. Our flexible approach will enable your company to produce better quality software.

We can assist in:

Test Management procedures and reporting
Static testing methods for documentation and other reviews
Risk based methodologies
Agile Test methodologies
Automation methodologies – making recommendations specific to your environment using vendor and/or open source tooling.
Performance testing methodologies and strategy developmentt

Test process improvement services:

Test processes and procedure are organic. Needs of a business are organic. Over time it is quite probable that without continual review and amendment your test processes will no longer meet the needs of your business. Often teams and team managers are so project focused that there is no time to review test processes and assess where improvements need to be made or where processes could be consolidated or extended.

CriterionQM offer an independent external view, we are able to compare and contrast your existing processes with those of other businesses and relevant business practices and then through review processes offer advice on renewed and revised approaches. We can also help with the implementation of these.

Test Process Reviews:

Hand in hand with, and forming a core part of the CriterionQM Test Improvement Service, the Test Process Review service offering allows clients the opportunity to periodically review their internal testing and associated processes to ensure that they best meet the needs of the business as its environment and goals dynamically and organically grow.

Often it is useful for an independent voice to highlight areas for improvement which we find can often be overlooked by people closest to the processes.

As an output of the process CriterionQM will provide the client with a report outlining proposals for process improvement where required, it is then up to the client to either engage CriterionQM in implementing changes or to implement changes themselves as they see fit.


Team collaboration reviews:

The fulcrum of good software development is collaboration!

Collaboration is: The act of working together.

Without collaboration, projects fail.

CriterionQM can provide guidance and tooling advice on how best to encourage both inter-team and cross-team collaboration, this includes advice on communication strategies to senior management.

All too often the test and QA teams are left to communicate bad news to senior management, often the terminology used and the manner in which this news is provided can impact negatively on the project. Through guidance and improved reporting nasty shocks can be averted.